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Words that Rhyme with abduction

2 Syllable Words


3 Syllable Words

conduction, construction, deduction, destruction, induction, instruction, obstruction, production, reduction, seduction

4 Syllable Words

deconstruction, introduction, liposuction, reconstruction, reproduction

5 Syllable Words

overproduction, reintroduction

Definitions of abduction

n. The act of abducing or abducting; a drawing apart; a carrying away.

n. The movement which separates a limb or other part from the axis, or middle line, of the body.

n. The wrongful, and usually the forcible, carrying off of a human being; as, the abduction of a child, the abduction of an heiress.

n. A syllogism or form of argument in which the major is evident, but the minor is only probable.

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