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Words that Rhyme with above

1 Syllable Words

dove, glove, gov, love, of, shove

2 Syllable Words

belove, breedlove, deneuve, foxglove, freelove, godlove, labove, manlove, o'glove, sizelove, spendlove, strangelove, thereof, truelove, vanhove, younglove

Definitions of above

prep. In or to a higher place; higher than; on or over the upper surface; over; -- opposed to below or beneath.

prep. Figuratively, higher than; superior to in any respect; surpassing; beyond; higher in measure or degree than; as, things above comprehension; above mean actions; conduct above reproach.

prep. Surpassing in number or quantity; more than; as, above a hundred. (Passing into the adverbial sense. See Above, adv., 4.)

adv. In a higher place; overhead; into or from heaven; as, the clouds above.

adv. Earlier in order; higher in the same page; hence, in a foregoing page.

adv. Higher in rank or power; as, he appealed to the court above.

adv. More than; as, above five hundred were present.

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