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Words that Rhyme with appoint

1 Syllable Words

joint, joynt, point, pointe

2 Syllable Words

anoint, checkpoint, disjoint, drypoint, endpoint, flashpoint, gunpoint, knifepoint, lapoint, lapointe, midpoint, pierpoint, pinpoint, sandpoint, standpoint, starpointe, sunpoint, viewpoint, wellpoint

3 Syllable Words

counterpoint, datapoint, disappoint, needlepoint, reappoint, valuepoint

5 Syllable Words


Definitions of appoint

v. t. To fix with power or firmness; to establish; to mark out.

v. t. To fix by a decree, order, command, resolve, decision, or mutual agreement; to constitute; to ordain; to prescribe; to fix the time and place of.

v. t. To assign, designate, or set apart by authority.

v. t. To furnish in all points; to provide with everything necessary by way of equipment; to equip; to fit out.

v. t. To point at by way, or for the purpose, of censure or commendation; to arraign.

v. t. To direct, designate, or limit; to make or direct a new disposition of, by virtue of a power contained in a conveyance; -- said of an estate already conveyed.

v. i. To ordain; to determine; to arrange.

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