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Words that Rhyme with aquatic

2 Syllable Words

attic, matic, mattick, static

3 Syllable Words

asthmatic, chaotic, climatic, despotic, dogmatic, dramatic, ecstatic, emphatic, erotic, erratic, exotic, fanatic, hepatic, hypnotic, lymphatic, narcotic, neurotic, phosphatic, pneumatic, pragmatic, prismatic, prostatic, psychotic, quixotic, rheumatic, robotic, schematic, socratic, thematic, traumatic

4 Syllable Words

acrobatic, adriatic, aerobatic, aromatic, asiatic, astronautic, autocratic, automatic, bureaucratic, charismatic, cinematic, democratic, diplomatic, emblematic, enigmatic, enzymatic, hanseatic, hippocratic, idiotic, informatic, mathematic, numismatic, operatic, pancreatic, patriotic, posttraumatic, problematic, programmatic, semiotic, sensormatic, symbiotic, symptomatic, systematic, technocratic, telematic, theocratic

5 Syllable Words

antibiotic, aristocratic, asymptomatic, axiomatic, diagrammatic, electrostatic, homeostatic, idiomatic, melodramatic, monochromatic, psychosomatic, undemocratic, undiplomatic, unpatriotic

6 Syllable Words

austroasiatic, idiosyncratic, semiautomatic

Definitions of aquatic

a. Pertaining to water; growing in water; living in, swimming in, or frequenting the margins of waters; as, aquatic plants and fowls.

n. An aquatic animal or plant.

n. Sports or exercises practiced in or on the water.

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