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Words that Rhyme with around

1 Syllable Words

bound, brown, browne, browned, clown, crown, crowne, crowned, down, downe, downed, drown, drowned, found, frown, frowned, gown, ground, hound, lown, mound, noun, pound, round, shoun, sound, town, towne, wound

2 Syllable Words

abound, aground, ashdown, astound, background, baytown, beantown, beardstown, blastdown, boomtown, breakdown, bridgetown, campground, capetown, charlestown, clampdown, closedown, comedown, compound, confound, countdown, crackdown, crosstown, downtown, drawdown, earthbound, eastbound, expound, facedown, fairground, foodtown, foreground, foxhound, freetown, georgetown, godown, greyhound, hidebound, hillsdown, hoedown, homebound, hometown, horehound, impound, inbound, jamestown, johnstown, knockdown, lansdowne, letdown, lockdown, lordstown, lowdown, markdown, mccoun, mccown, mcgown, mcquown, meltdown, midtown, moorestown, motown, newfound, newtown, newtowne, outbound, piltdown, playground, profound, propound, putdown, rebound, redound, renown, renowned, resound, run-down, rundown, sandtown, shakedown, shootdown, showdown, shutdown, slowdown, smalltown, smithtown, snowbound, southbound, southdown, spellbound, sundown, surround, touchdown, turndown, unbound, unsound, unwound, uptown, westbound, writedown, yorktown, youngstown

3 Syllable Words

adamstown, allentown, battleground, charlestown, charlottetown, chinatown, cooperstown, downingtown, germantown, hagerstown, levittown, marshalltown, middletown, morgantown, morristown, provincetown, runaround, shantytown, shiremanstown, stanleytown, tarrytown, tinseltown, turnaround, ultrasound, underdown, underground, watertown, williamstown

4 Syllable Words

electrosound, koreatown, merry-go-round

5 Syllable Words


Definitions of around

adv. In a circle; circularly; on every side; round.

adv. In a circuit; here and there within the surrounding space; all about; as, to travel around from town to town.

adv. Near; in the neighborhood; as, this man was standing around when the fight took place.

prep. On all sides of; encircling; encompassing; so as to make the circuit of; about.

prep. From one part to another of; at random through; about; on another side of; as, to travel around the country; a house standing around the corner.

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