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Words that Rhyme with ask

1 Syllable Words

bask, basque, cask, flask, lask, mask, pasch, pask, pasque, rask, task, trask

2 Syllable Words


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Definitions of ask

v. t. To request; to seek to obtain by words; to petition; to solicit; -- often with of, in the sense of from, before the person addressed.

v. t. To require, demand, claim, or expect, whether by way of remuneration or return, or as a matter of necessity; as, what price do you ask?

v. t. To interrogate or inquire of or concerning; to put a question to or about; to question.

v. t. To invite; as, to ask one to an entertainment.

v. t. To publish in church for marriage; -- said of both the banns and the persons.

v. i. To request or petition; -- usually followed by for; as, to ask for bread.

v. i. To make inquiry, or seek by request; -- sometimes followed by after.

n. A water newt.

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