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Words that Rhyme with assurance

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4 Syllable Words

reassurance, reinsurance

Definitions of assurance

n. The act of assuring; a declaration tending to inspire full confidence; that which is designed to give confidence.

n. The state of being assured; firm persuasion; full confidence or trust; freedom from doubt; certainty.

n. Firmness of mind; undoubting, steadiness; intrepidity; courage; confidence; self-reliance.

n. Excess of boldness; impudence; audacity; as, his assurance is intolerable.

n. Betrothal; affiance.

n. Insurance; a contract for the payment of a sum on occasion of a certain event, as loss or death.

n. Any written or other legal evidence of the conveyance of property; a conveyance; a deed.

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