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Words that Rhyme with aunt

1 Syllable Words

ant, bandt, brandt, brant, can't, cant, chant, conte, dant, daunt, fant, flaunt, gant, gantt, gaunt, gauntt, grandt, grant, haunt, jandt, jaunt, kandt, kant, landt, lant, mandt, pant, plant, plante, quant, rant, sandt, sant, scant, schrandt, schwandt, slant, stant, tant, taunt, trant, want, yant, zandt, zant

2 Syllable Words

coutant, decant, eggplant, enchant, gerbrandt, implant, incant, labant, laplant, levant, norplant, poissant, pylant, recant, rembrandt, replant, supplant, toutant, transplant, vansandt, vanzandt

3 Syllable Words

confidante, rosengrant, st_laurent

Definitions of aunt

n. The sister of one's father or mother; -- correlative to nephew or niece. Also applied to an uncle's wife.

n. An old woman; and old gossip.

n. A bawd, or a prostitute.

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