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Words that Rhyme with authentic

2 Syllable Words

bennick, brennecke, deneke, denike, fenech, henneke, hennick, hentic, jaenicke, krenek, krenik, penick, pennick, renick, rennick, splenic, vennick

3 Syllable Words

eugenic, hellenic, transgenic

4 Syllable Words

calisthenic, cryogenic, orogenic, pathogenic, photogenic, psychogenic, schizophrenic, telegenic, unauthentic

5 Syllable Words


6 Syllable Words


Definitions of authentic

n. Having a genuine original or authority, in opposition to that which is false, fictitious, counterfeit, or apocryphal; being what it purports to be; genuine; not of doubtful origin; real; as, an authentic paper or register.

n. Authoritative.

n. Of approved authority; true; trustworthy; credible; as, an authentic writer; an authentic portrait; authentic information.

n. Vested with all due formalities, and legally attested.

n. Having as immediate relation to the tonic, in distinction from plagal, which has a correspondent relation to the dominant in the octave below the tonic.

n. An original (book or document).

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