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Words that Rhyme with backgammon

2 Syllable Words

amann, amman, ammann, ammon, cammon, damman, dammann, dammen, famine, gammon, hamman, hammann, hammen, hammon, hamon, kamman, lammon, mammen, salman, salmon, sammon, scammon, stammen, tammen

3 Syllable Words

mccammon, vercammen

4 Syllable Words

alabaman, reexamine

Definitions of backgammon

n. A game of chance and skill, played by two persons on a "board" marked off into twenty-four spaces called "points". Each player has fifteen pieces, or "men", the movements of which from point to point are determined by throwing dice. Formerly called tables.

v. i. In the game of backgammon, to beat by ending the game before the loser is clear of his first "table".

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