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Words that Rhyme with balance

2 Syllable Words

palance, vallance

3 Syllable Words

imbalance, unbalance

4 Syllable Words


Definitions of balance

n. An apparatus for weighing.

n. Act of weighing mentally; comparison; estimate.

n. Equipoise between the weights in opposite scales.

n. The state of being in equipoise; equilibrium; even adjustment; steadiness.

n. An equality between the sums total of the two sides of an account; as, to bring one's accounts to a balance; -- also, the excess on either side; as, the balance of an account.

n. A balance wheel, as of a watch, or clock. See Balance wheel (in the Vocabulary).

n. The constellation Libra.

n. The seventh sign in the Zodiac, called Libra, which the sun enters at the equinox in September.

n. A movement in dancing. See Balance, v. i., S.

n. To bring to an equipoise, as the scales of a balance by adjusting the weights; to weigh in a balance.

n. To support on a narrow base, so as to keep from falling; as, to balance a plate on the end of a cane; to balance one's self on a tight rope.

n. To equal in number, weight, force, or proportion; to counterpoise, counterbalance, counteract, or neutralize.

n. To compare in relative force, importance, value, etc.; to estimate.

n. To settle and adjust, as an account; to make two accounts equal by paying the difference between them.

n. To make the sums of the debits and credits of an account equal; -- said of an item; as, this payment, or credit, balances the account.

n. To arrange accounts in such a way that the sum total of the debits is equal to the sum total of the credits; as, to balance a set of books.

n. To move toward, and then back from, reciprocally; as, to balance partners.

n. To contract, as a sail, into a narrower compass; as, to balance the boom mainsail.

v. i. To have equal weight on each side; to be in equipoise; as, the scales balance.

v. i. To fluctuate between motives which appear of equal force; to waver; to hesitate.

v. i. To move toward a person or couple, and then back.

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