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Words that Rhyme with blower

2 Syllable Words

bowar, broer, cloer, dougher, goer, groer, grower, knower, lower, mower, poer, roher, rower, schroer, slower, sower, stower, thrower

3 Syllable Words

beebower, churchgoer, glassblower, hornblower, trumpower

4 Syllable Words

moviegoer, whistleblower, wojnilower

Definitions of blower

n. One who, or that which, blows.

n. A device for producing a current of air; as: (a) A metal plate temporarily placed before the upper part of a grate or open fire. (b) A machine for producing an artificial blast or current of air by pressure, as for increasing the draft of a furnace, ventilating a building or shaft, cleansing gram, etc.

n. A blowing out or excessive discharge of gas from a hole or fissure in a mine.

n. The whale; -- so called by seamen, from the circumstance of its spouting up a column of water.

n. A small fish of the Atlantic coast (Tetrodon turgidus); the puffer.

n. A braggart, or loud talker.

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