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Words that Rhyme with bower

2 Syllable Words

auer, bauer, baur, bougher, brauer, brougher, brower, clower, cower, dauer, dour, flour, flower, gauer, glower, gower, grauer, hauer, hour, how're, hower, kauer, klauer, knauer, lauer, mauer, nauer, our, power, rauer, sauer, schauer, scour, shower, sour, tauer, tower, trower

3 Syllable Words

airpower, beebower, belflower, bellflower, brainpower, coneflower, cornflower, devour, empower, fillauer, firepower, hightower, horsepower, hufbauer, landauer, manpower, mayflower, safflower, seapower, sunflower, wallflower, wildflower, willpower, zembower

4 Syllable Words

cauliflower, eisenhower, icenhower, mph, overpower, superpower, underpower

Definitions of bower

v. & n. One who bows or bends.

v. & n. An anchor carried at the bow of a ship.

v. & n. A muscle that bends a limb, esp. the arm.

n. One of the two highest cards in the pack commonly used in the game of euchre.

n. Anciently, a chamber; a lodging room; esp., a lady's private apartment.

n. A rustic cottage or abode; poetically, an attractive abode or retreat.

n. A shelter or covered place in a garden, made with boughs of trees or vines, etc., twined together; an arbor; a shady recess.

v. t. To embower; to inclose.

v. i. To lodge.

n. A young hawk, when it begins to leave the nest.

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