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Words that Rhyme with button

2 Syllable Words

dutton, hutton, lutton, mutton, ruttan, rutten, scrutton, strutton, sutton, tutton

3 Syllable Words

tarbutton, unbutton, vanputten

Definitions of button

n. A knob; a small ball; a small, roundish mass.

n. A catch, of various forms and materials, used to fasten together the different parts of dress, by being attached to one part, and passing through a slit, called a buttonhole, in the other; -- used also for ornament.

n. A bud; a germ of a plant.

n. A piece of wood or metal, usually flat and elongated, turning on a nail or screw, to fasten something, as a door.

n. A globule of metal remaining on an assay cupel or in a crucible, after fusion.

n. To fasten with a button or buttons; to inclose or make secure with buttons; -- often followed by up.

n. To dress or clothe.

v. i. To be fastened by a button or buttons; as, the coat will not button.

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