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Words that Rhyme with byzantine

1 Syllable Words

bean, beane, beene, bein, beine, biehn, bien, blouin, brean, breen, brine, bryne, cheane, cian, clean, cline, clyne, crean, dean, deane, deen, dhein, dine, drouin, ein, fein, feyen, fiene, fine, frean, freen, gean, gene, gheen, glean, gouin, green, greene, grine, guynn, gyn, haen, hein, heine, heyen, hine, huynh, jain, jean, jeane, jeanne, kean, keane, keehn, keen, keene, kiehn, kiehne, kiene, kleen, klein, kleine, kline, kyne, lean, leen, lein, lene, lien, line, lyne, lysne, mean, mein, meine, mien, mine, nein, nene, nine, peine, pine, plein, preen, prien, prine, pruyn, pyne, queen, quine, reen, rhein, rhine, rhyne, rine, scene, schein, schlein, screen, seen, sein, shean, sheen, shein, shine, shrine, shyne, sign, sine, skeen, skene, spine, spleen, spreen, steen, stein, stene, stine, strine, styne, sween, swine, teen, thein, thien, thine, tine, treen, trine, twine, tyne, veen, vien, vine, wean, wein, whine, wien, wine, wyne, xene, zine

2 Syllable Words

agin, aileen, airline, aldin, aleen, alene, alewine, align, aline, alkene, allene, alpine, alwine, ameen, amin, ammeen, andreen, antwine, ardeen, ardene, arleen, arlene, arline, arlyne, arnwine, ashline, assign, axline, baleen, baseline, beaubien, beauchene, benign, benzene, bergstein, berkline, between, bistline, bloodline, bluestine, boehnlein, bornstein, bovine, brackeen, bradeen, brandwein, braunstein, brillstein, bromine, bronstein, brookline, brownstein, buckstein, burdine, burkeen, burnstein, byerlein, byline, caffeine, calgene, canine, canteen, cantin, carbine, careen, carleen, carlene, casein, cashion, casteen, cathleen, celine, champine, charleen, charlene, charline, chasteen, chretien, christine, citrine, claudine, clymene, coastline, coffeen, coleen, colleen, combine, confine, consign, convene, corinne, cortine, crimean, crossnine, crumrine, cuisine, cunneen, d'alene, darlene, darline, dateline, deadline, decline, define, dejean, demean, deneen, derouin, design, devine, dewine, dineen, dinneen, divine, doreen, dragline, drinkwine, dryclean, dufrene, earthshine, eckstein, eighteen, eileen, ellene, emlynne, enshrine, entwine, epstein, equine, erskine, ethene, eugene, feinstein, feldene, feline, fierstein, fifteen, filene, fischbein, fishbein, fluorine, foltene, foreseen, fourteen, francine, francyne, friedline, fromstein, frontline, gallien, gardyne, geneen, georgene, georgine, gladstein, glasheen, glavine, glickstein, glycine, godine, goeglein, goheen, goldfine, goldmine, goldstein, goodstein, goodwine, gorsline, gourdine, grapevine, grassgreen, graveline, greenstein, grinstein, grosjean, grubstein, grumbine, guanine, guertin, guideline, gutwein, hainline, hairline, hardline, hartline, hartstein, headline, healthdyne, heinlein, helene, hemline, henline, heublein, holstein, holstine, hornstein, hot-line, hotline, huffine, hunchine, hygiene, ice-nine, igene, incline, ireene, irene, janine, jardine, jeanine, joaquin, jolene, justine, karline, kathleen, kathlene, kathline, katyn, kichline, killeen, komine, kristine, lamine, landmine, latrine, laureen, laurene, ledeen, levine, lifeline, limine, lipstein, lorene, lupine, lurleen, machine, macqueen, mainline, malign, marcin, marean, marine, marleen, marleene, marlene, martine, maureen, maxine, mcbean, mcbreen, mcclean, mckean, mckeen, mclean, mcmeen, mcqueen, mcsween, medin, melvine, midline, millstein, milstein, modine, moline, mondschein, moonshine, moquin, moreen, mulqueen, muntean, murine, myrlene, nadein, nadine, nathene, navin, neustine, nightline, nineteen, nordeen, noreen, nothstein, nuveen, o'steen, obscene, olean, online, onscreen, opine, oquin, oquinn, orlene, osteen, outline, outshine, papin, pasion, pauline, pearlstein, pearlstine, pfundstein, philene, pilgreen, pipeline, prejean, preteen, protein, prunskiene, punchline, quinine, rabin, rabine, racine, ramstein, rankine, ravine, redwine, refine, reichwein, reinstein, resign, rheinstein, richwine, rootstein, roseline, routine, rutstein, sabine, salin, saline, sardine, sarene, seguin, selene, serene, shaheen, shampine, sharleen, sharlene, sharline, sharp-sign, shasteen, shinbein, shirleen, shoeshine, shoreline, sideline, sistine, sixteen, skyline, slovene, smithkline, smokescreen, soybean, springsteen, stanline, stecklein, stoecklein, strandline, streamline, strychnine, styrene, st_jean, sunscreen, sunshine, supine, susswein, tagline, thirteen, tigrean, trautwein, trendline, trimedyne, troutwine, trunkline, twonshein, umpteen, unclean, undine, unseen, vaccine, vaguine, vandine, vanduyn, vanduyne, vandyne, vanveen, varin, vidrine, voisine, waistline, walgreen, weinstein, wetstein, wickline, wileen, wireline, woolwine, zumstein

3 Syllable Words

aberdeen, abilene, actodine, adeline, adenine, aerodyne, akamine, alamein, albertine, algemene, alkaline, allgemeine, amrhein, aniline, anticline, apennine, apolline, argentine, aronstein, arreguin, asinine, asselstine, augustin, augustine, balanchine, ballantine, bankverein, barentine, barrentine, benyamin, bernadine, biocine, bodenstein, boeschenstein, boomershine, borderline, borenstein, brandenstein, brandywine, brisendine, caesarean, calamine, caroline, carotene, casterline, celandine, celimene, ceradyne, chemdesign, chimerine, chloroprene, circumvene, clementine, clonidine, clozapine, columbine, compudyne, concubine, conradine, considine, constantine, contravene, cooperstein, coraline, crystalline, dealerline, digidyne, disincline, dobberstein, dopamine, doralin, dramamine, duberstein, earlywine, eberlein, eberwein, edelstein, egbertine, eglantine, elbertine, emeline, emerine, emmeline, endocrine, enterline, eocene, ernestine, esterline, etheline, etheljean, ethylene, europeenne, evaleen, evergreen, feuerstein, figurine, finkelstein, firesign, fleckenstein, florentine, frankenstein, gabardine, gasoline, gelatine, genuine, geodyne, geraldine, gillentine, goberstein, goldenstein, grabenstein, grudenstein, guillotine, hallowe'en, halloween, hammerstein, haneline, hartenstein, hazeltine, heberlein, heseltine, hineline, histamine, histidine, huguenin, hydrazine, imogene, interdyne, intertwine, intervene, iodine, jacobine, jayewardene, jennewein, josceline, joscelyne, josephine, karoline, kathalene, kerosene, konstantin, leontine, libertine, lichtenstein, liechtenstein, limousine, listerine, lopatin, lowenstein, macalpine, madelene, magazine, magdalene, mangosteen, marroquin, maybelline, mcalpine, mcelveen, mcilveen, melamine, mescaline, methazine, methylene, mezzanine, microdyne, miocene, missildine, monagene, moneyline, multiline, muscatine, naphthalene, neoprene, nicotine, nonalign, nutriclean, ocain, olivine, oncogene, opaline, orgotein, overseen, oxidyne, palatine, palestine, paradyne, peloquin, pepperdine, peregrine, philippine, philistine, phillipine, plasticine, pleistocene, pliocene, poliquin, porcupine, propylene, pyroxene, quarantine, realign, reassign, recombine, reconvene, redefine, redesign, rocketdyne, rosenshine, rosenstein, rubinstein, rudenstine, saberbein, saccharine, safferstein, sarazin, schottenstein, scopolamine, serpentine, seventeen, silberstein, silverstein, smithereen, spectradyne, stanadyne, storyline, stufflebean, submachine, submarine, tambourine, tangerine, technodyne, teledyne, teradyne, texstyrene, thomasine, thymidine, timberline, tourmaline, trampoline, turpentine, underline, undermine, unforeseen, valentin, valentine, valvoline, vanalstyne, vanderveen, vaseline, viagene, vitarine, vogelstein, wallenstein, wallerstein, wasserstein, wendeline, wettergreen, wintersteen, winterstein, wolverine

4 Syllable Words

acetylene, amphetamine, aquamarine, buprenorphine, capitoline, clomipramine, cyanazine, cyclosporine, econoline, elephantine, envirodyne, evangeline, heterodyne, internecine, labyrinthine, mujahadeen, mujahedeen, mujahideen, newsmagazine, nitrosomine, oligocene, paleocene, pentamidine, polystyrene, scopolamine

5 Syllable Words

antisubmarine, cholestyramine, hexachlorophene, isoprinosine, polybutylene, polyethylene, polypropylene

6 Syllable Words

aol, australopithecine, azidothymidine, polyacetylene, superheterodyne

7 Syllable Words


Definitions of byzantine

n. A gold coin, so called from being coined at Byzantium. See Bezant.

a. Of or pertaining to Byzantium.

n. A native or inhabitant of Byzantium, now Constantinople; sometimes, applied to an inhabitant of the modern city of Constantinople. C () C is the third letter of the English alphabet. It is from the Latin letter C, which in old Latin represented the sounds of k, and g (in go); its original value being the latter. In Anglo-Saxon words, or Old English before the Norman Conquest, it always has the sound of k. The Latin C was the same letter as the Greek /, /, and came from the Greek alphabet. The Greeks got it from the Ph/nicians. The English name of C is from the Latin name ce, and was derived, probably, through the French. Etymologically C is related to g, h, k, q, s (and other sibilant sounds). Examples of these relations are in L. acutus, E. acute, ague; E. acrid, eager, vinegar; L. cornu, E. horn; E. cat, kitten; E. coy, quiet; L. circare, OF. cerchier, E. search.

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