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Words that Rhyme with calculating

2 Syllable Words

baiting, crating, dating, grating, hating, mating, plating, rating, skating, stating, waiting, weighting

3 Syllable Words

abating, awaiting, berating, castrating, creating, debating, deflating, dictating, donating, elating, equating, frustrating, gyrating, iceskating, inflating, locating, mandating, migrating, misstating, negating, nitrating, placating, pulsating, relating, restating, rotating, sedating, speedskating, stagnating, translating, updating

4 Syllable Words

abdicating, abrogating, activating, advocating, aggravating, agitating, allocating, alternating, annotating, arbitrating, automating, captivating, castigating, celebrating, chlorinating, circulating, compensating, complicating, concentrating, confiscating, consummating, contemplating, culminating, cultivating, decimating, decorating, dedicating, delegating, demonstrating, denigrating, deprecating, designating, detonating, devastating, dissipating, dominating, duplicating, educating, elevating, emanating, emigrating, emulating, escalating, estimating, excavating, fabricating, fascinating, fluctuating, formulating, generating, graduating, gravitating, hesitating, illustrating, imitating, implicating, incubating, indicating, infiltrating, innovating, instigating, insulating, integrating, inundating, irritating, isolating, laminating, legislating, levitating, liberating, liquidating, litigating, lubricating, masturbating, mediating, meditating, mitigating, moderating, motivating, mutilating, nauseating, navigating, nominating, obviating, operating, orchestrating, oscillating, overstating, penetrating, percolating, permeating, perpetrating, populating, promulgating, propagating, radiating, recreating, regulating, reinstating, relegating, renovating, replicating, resonating, salivating, saturating, segregating, separating, simulating, speculating, stimulating, stipulating, suffocating, syndicating, tabulating, terminating, titillating, tolerating, understating, undulating, urinating, vacillating, validating, ventilating

5 Syllable Words

abbreviating, accelerating, accentuating, accommodating, accumulating, adjudicating, administrating, affiliating, alienating, alleviating, anticipating, appreciating, appropriating, approximating, articulating, assassinating, assimilating, associating, authenticating, coagulating, collaborating, commemorating, communicating, congratulating, consolidating, contaminating, cooperating, coordinating, corroborating, debilitating, decaffeinating, decelerating, degenerating, deliberating, delineating, depreciating, deregulating, discriminating, disintegrating, disseminating, domesticating, elaborating, electroplating, eliminating, encapsulating, enunciating, equivocating, eradicating, evacuating, evaluating, evaporating, exacerbating, exaggerating, exasperating, excoriating, excruciating, exhilarating, exonerating, extenuating, exterminating, extrapolating, facilitating, humiliating, hydrogenating, illuminating, impersonating, inaugurating, incarcerating, incinerating, incorporating, incriminating, infatuating, infuriating, ingratiating, initiating, interrogating, intimidating, intoxicating, invalidating, investigating, invigorating, manipulating, necessitating, negotiating, nonoperating, obliterating, officiating, originating, participating, perpetuating, pontificating, precipitating, predominating, procrastinating, prognosticating, proliferating, reactivating, reallocating, recalculating, reciprocating, recuperating, redecorating, regenerating, reiterating, rejuvenating, repatriating, repudiating, resuscitating, retaliating, reverberating, self-deprecating, subordinating

6 Syllable Words

deteriorating, differentiating, incapacitating, misappropriating, overestimating, reevaluating, rehabilitating, reincorporating, reinvigorating, renegotiating, self-perpetuating, underestimating

Definitions of calculating

p. pr. & vb. n. of Calculate

a. Of or pertaining to mathematical calculations; performing or able to perform mathematical calculations.

a. Given to contrivance or forethought; forecasting; scheming; as, a cool calculating disposition.

n. The act or process of making mathematical computations or of estimating results.

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