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Words that Rhyme with calling

2 Syllable Words

alling, balling, brawling, crawling, galling, halling, hauling, pauling, pawling, rawling, salling, smalling, sprawling, stalling, walling

3 Syllable Words

appalling, installing, mothballing, recalling, snowballing, stonewalling

4 Syllable Words


Definitions of calling

p. pr. & vb. n. of Call

n. The act of one who calls; a crying aloud, esp. in order to summon, or to attact the attention of, some one.

n. A summoning or convocation, as of Parliament.

n. A divine summons or invitation; also, the state of being divinely called.

n. A naming, or inviting; a reading over or reciting in order, or a call of names with a view to obtaining an answer, as in legislative bodies.

n. One's usual occupation, or employment; vocation; business; trade.

n. The persons, collectively, engaged in any particular professions or employment.

n. Title; appellation; name.

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