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Words that Rhyme with cheyennes

1 Syllable Words

ann's, anne's, bans, benz, branz, caen's, can's, cannes, cans, chan's, clans, crans, dan's, danz, fan's, fans, fans', frans, franz, franze, gans, ganz, glanz, han's, hands, hannes, hans, jan's, jans, janz, kanz, klan's, klans, krans, kranz, lanz, man's, mann's, mannes, manns, mans, manz, nan's, pan's, pans, plan's, plans, plans', rans, ranz, sannes, sans, sanz, scans, span's, spans, stan's, tans, trans, vans

2 Syllable Words

afghans, alcan's, bedpans, c-span's, caltrans, cezanne's, cheyenne's, diane's, goodman's, greenspan's, iran's, japan's, japans, mccann's, meehans, pecans, roseanne's, rosecrans, sedans, stockman's, sudan's, tarzan's

3 Syllable Words

businessman's, callahan's, caravans, intertrans, kazakhstan's, lumberman's, minivans, pakistan's, rosenkrans

4 Syllable Words

afghanistan's, tajikistan's

Definition of cheyennes

n. pl. A warlike tribe of indians, related to the blackfeet, formerly inhabiting the region of Wyoming, but now mostly on reservations in the Indian Territory. They are noted for their horsemanship.

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