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Words that Rhyme with chorus

2 Syllable Words

doris, forests, goris, horace, horus, maurus, morris, morris', porous, sorus, taurus, torras

3 Syllable Words

mcmorris, rainforests, thesaurus

4 Syllable Words

brontosaurus, stegosaurus

5 Syllable Words

maquiladoras, tyrannosaurus

Definitions of chorus

n. A band of singers and dancers.

n. A company of persons supposed to behold what passed in the acts of a tragedy, and to sing the sentiments which the events suggested in couplets or verses between the acts; also, that which was thus sung by the chorus.

n. An interpreter in a dumb show or play.

n. A company of singers singing in concert.

n. A composition of two or more parts, each of which is intended to be sung by a number of voices.

n. Parts of a song or hymn recurring at intervals, as at the end of stanzas; also, a company of singers who join with the singer or choir in singer or choir in singing such parts.

n. The simultaneous of a company in any noisy demonstration; as, a Chorus of shouts and catcalls.

v. i. To sing in chorus; to exclaim simultaneously.

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