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Words that Rhyme with clamor

2 Syllable Words

amor, brammer, cammer, crammer, dammer, flammer, glamor, glamour, grammar, grammer, hamer, hammar, hammer, hamor, hamre, jammer, kammer, klammer, kramar, krammer, rammer, scammer, slammer, stammer

3 Syllable Words

enamor, goldhammer, jackhammer, krauthammer, muammar, programmer, shellhammer, sledgehammer, swackhamer

4 Syllable Words

gyllenhammar, lillehamer, lillehammer

Definitions of clamor

n. A great outcry or vociferation; loud and continued shouting or exclamation.

n. Any loud and continued noise.

n. A continued expression of dissatisfaction or discontent; a popular outcry.

v. t. To salute loudly.

v. t. To stun with noise.

v. t. To utter loudly or repeatedly; to shout.

v. i. To utter loud sounds or outcries; to vociferate; to complain; to make importunate demands.

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