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Words that Rhyme with cloth

1 Syllable Words

auth, broth, doth, fauth, froth, hauth, kauth, krauth, lauth, moth, rauth, roth, schroth, trauth, troth

2 Syllable Words

eckroth, lindroth, loincloth, washcloth, weinroth

3 Syllable Words

tablecloth, ueberroth

Definitions of cloth

n. A fabric made of fibrous material (or sometimes of wire, as in wire cloth); commonly, a woven fabric of cotton, woolen, or linen, adapted to be made into garments; specifically, woolen fabrics, as distinguished from all others.

n. The dress; raiment. [Obs.] See Clothes.

n. The distinctive dress of any profession, especially of the clergy; hence, the clerical profession.

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