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Words that Rhyme with comber

2 Syllable Words

bloemer, boehmer, bohmer, bomer, bowmer, colmer, cromer, domer, dromer, fromer, gomer, gromer, homer, komar, komer, kromer, ohmer, omer, roemer, rohmer, romer, schloemer, schomer, sohmer, spomer, stromer, tomer, womer

3 Syllable Words

beachcomber, mccomber, misnomer, sarcoma

Definitions of comber

n. One who combs; one whose occupation it is to comb wool, flax, etc. Also, a machine for combing wool, flax, etc.

n. A long, curling wave.

v. t. To cumber.

n. Encumbrance.

n. The cabrilla. Also, a name applied to a species of wrasse.

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