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Words that Rhyme with concoct

1 Syllable Words

blocked, clocked, cocked, docked, flocked, focht, knocked, locked, mocked, pocked, rocked, shocked, socked, stocked

2 Syllable Words

deadlocked, gridlocked, landlocked, padlocked, restocked, shellshocked, unlocked

3 Syllable Words

kristallnacht, overstocked

Definitions of concoct

v. t. To digest; to convert into nourishment by the organs of nutrition.

v. t. To purify or refine chemically.

v. t. To prepare from crude materials, as food; to invent or prepare by combining different ingredients; as, to concoct a new dish or beverage.

v. t. To digest in the mind; to devise; to make up; to contrive; to plan; to plot.

v. t. To mature or perfect; to ripen.

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