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Words that Rhyme with cortes

1 Syllable Words

boortz, bortz, court's, courts, courts', fortes, forts, goertz, kortz, lortz, port's, ports, portz, quarts, quartz, schwartz, schwarz, schwarze, shorts, shorts', shortz, shortz', snorts, sorts, sport's, sports, sports', storts, stortz, stuart's, swarts, swartz, thwarts, torts, warts

2 Syllable Words

airport's, airports, carports, contorts, distorts, exhorts, freeport's, imports, passports, purports, report's, reports, reports', resort's, resorts, resorts', retorts, seaports, supports, transports

3 Syllable Words

davenport's, reexports, rockresorts, teleport's

Definition of cortes

n. pl. The legislative assembly, composed of nobility, clergy, and representatives of cities, which in Spain and in Portugal answers, in some measure, to the Parliament of Great Britain.

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