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Words that Rhyme with cranny

2 Syllable Words

annie, anny, canney, canny, cranney, dannie, danny, fannie, fanny, frannie, franny, granny, hani, hanney, hanni, hannie, hanny, janney, lanni, lanny, manney, manni, mannie, manny, nanney, nanni, nanny, panny, ranney, sani, stannie, tanney, vanni, vannie, vanny, yanni, zanni

3 Syllable Words

diianni, ferranti, mccraney, mchaney, mcnaney, mcrainey, mcraney, rabbani, uncanny

4 Syllable Words

chalasani, mariani, pakistani

5 Syllable Words

modigliani, modiliani

Definitions of cranny

n. A small, narrow opening, fissure, crevice, or chink, as in a wall, or other substance.

n. A tool for forming the necks of bottles, etc.

v. i. To crack into, or become full of, crannies.

v. i. To haunt, or enter by, crannies.

a. Quick; giddy; thoughtless.

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