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Words that Rhyme with crook

1 Syllable Words

book, brook, brooke, cook, cooke, crooke, flook, gook, hook, hooke, look, mook, nook, rook, rooke, schnook, schook, shook, snook, stroock, took, tooke, zook

2 Syllable Words

allsbrook, ashbrook, benbrook, checkbook, chinook, claybrook, colebrook, cookbook, decook, forsook, glazebrook, glenbrook, guidebook, handbook, hasbrouck, holbrook, hornbook, hornbrook, istook, jokebook, kirkuk, kravchuk, laibrook, lashbrook, logbook, matchbook, mccook, mistook, northbrook, notebook, oakbrook, outlook, passbook, philbrook, precook, rebook, redbook, retook, rosebrook, rulebook, saybrook, schoolbook, scrapbook, seabrook, sketchbook, sourcebook, stainbrook, suncook, tailhook, textbook, timbrook, tiphook, unbook, unhook, vanhook, westbrook, yearbook

3 Syllable Words

carisbrook, dimitruk, donnybrook, easterbrook, estabrook, hardenbrook, inglenook, maksymuk, middlebrook, millerbrook, omnibook, overbook, overcook, overlook, overtook, pocketbook, powerbook, sihanouk, storybook, subnotebook, undercook, undertook, vandercook, willowbrook

4 Syllable Words

create-a-book, gobbledygook

Definitions of crook

n. A bend, turn, or curve; curvature; flexure.

n. Any implement having a bent or crooked end.

n. The staff used by a shepherd, the hook of which serves to hold a runaway sheep.

n. A bishop's staff of office. Cf. Pastoral staff.

n. A pothook.

n. An artifice; trick; tricky device; subterfuge.

n. A small tube, usually curved, applied to a trumpet, horn, etc., to change its pitch or key.

n. A person given to fraudulent practices; an accomplice of thieves, forgers, etc.

n. To turn from a straight line; to bend; to curve.

n. To turn from the path of rectitude; to pervert; to misapply; to twist.

v. i. To bend; to curve; to wind; to have a curvature.

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