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Words that Rhyme with easy

2 Syllable Words

breezy, cheesy, peasey, queasy, sleazy, sweazy, sweezey, sweezy, veasey, veazey, veazie

3 Syllable Words

caseze, fabrizi, kasese, marchese, matterease, talese, uneasy

4 Syllable Words


Definitions of easy

v. t. At ease; free from pain, trouble, or constraint

v. t. Free from pain, distress, toil, exertion, and the like; quiet; as, the patient is easy.

v. t. Free from care, responsibility, discontent, and the like; not anxious; tranquil; as, an easy mind.

v. t. Free from constraint, harshness, or formality; unconstrained; smooth; as, easy manners; an easy style.

v. t. Not causing, or attended with, pain or disquiet, or much exertion; affording ease or rest; as, an easy carriage; a ship having an easy motion; easy movements, as in dancing.

v. t. Not difficult; requiring little labor or effort; slight; inconsiderable; as, an easy task; an easy victory.

v. t. Causing ease; giving freedom from care or labor; furnishing comfort; commodious; as, easy circumstances; an easy chair or cushion.

v. t. Not making resistance or showing unwillingness; tractable; yielding; complying; ready.

v. t. Moderate; sparing; frugal.

v. t. Not straitened as to money matters; as, the market is easy; -- opposed to tight.

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