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Words that Rhyme with echo

2 Syllable Words

breco, creko, deco, eco, ekco, eko, gecko, gekko, grecco, grecko, greco, hecco, krecko, mlecko, reco, seco

3 Syllable Words

alleco, buteco, canseco, cogeco, coleco, dececco, delgreco, dicecco, el-greco, enseco, minpeco, mlecko, noreco, pacheco

Definitions of echo

n. A sound reflected from an opposing surface and repeated to the ear of a listener; repercussion of sound; repetition of a sound.

n. Fig.: Sympathetic recognition; response; answer.

n. A wood or mountain nymph, regarded as repeating, and causing the reverberation of them.

n. A nymph, the daughter of Air and Earth, who, for love of Narcissus, pined away until nothing was left of her but her voice.

v. t. To send back (a sound); to repeat in sound; to reverberate.

v. t. To repeat with assent; to respond; to adopt.

v. i. To give an echo; to resound; to be sounded back; as, the hall echoed with acclamations.

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