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Words that Rhyme with emphysema

2 Syllable Words

bima, cima, demma, ema, fima, grima, jima, lema, lima, pima, prima, rima, sema, shima, sima, thima, zima

3 Syllable Words

alima, aoshima, auriemma, beukema, bronkema, cosima, decima, delima, diprima, edema, halima, harima, jarema, jemima, joakima, kajima, noxema, oshima, ritsema, rozema, salema, septima, sietsema, sikkema, tajima, ulima, wiersema

4 Syllable Words

aoshima, eurofima, fukushima, hiroshima, kawashima, kitajima, nakajima, nakashima, takashima, takeshima

5 Syllable Words

abouhalima, hirosakima

6 Syllable Words


Definition of emphysema

n. A swelling produced by gas or air diffused in the cellular tissue.

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