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Words that Rhyme with epicurean

2 Syllable Words

breon, deehan, eon, feehan, heon, ian, jian, keehan, korean, meehan, paean, peon, rijn, sheahan, sheehan, teahan, teehan, theon, treon, vian

3 Syllable Words

aegean, asean, burian, crimean, fujian, gurian, gurion, korean, kurian, mcgeean, mckeon, mckeone, plebeian, protean, shahian, sofian, vannguyen

4 Syllable Words

arthurian, carribean, centurion, cyclopean, eritrean, european, galilean, jacobean, maccabean, mycenaean, pagurian, tennessean, venturian

6 Syllable Words


Definitions of epicurean

a. Pertaining to Epicurus, or following his philosophy.

a. Given to luxury; adapted to luxurious tastes; luxurious; pertaining to good eating.

n. A follower or Epicurus.

n. One given to epicurean indulgence.

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