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Words that Rhyme with era

2 Syllable Words

beara, bera, berra, cara, cera, cerra, clara, darragh, erra, farah, farrah, fera, ferra, gera, guerra, hara, hera, kara, kera, leora, lira, lire, mira, mirra, naira, neira, para, sara, sarah, sera, serra, sferra, shira, shirah, spera, spira, tara, terra, terre, thera, vera, vierra, zera

3 Syllable Words

acerra, aguirra, almira, altera, ancira, avera, baltierra, barbera, bardera, barrera, basara, becerra, bopera, butera, cabrera, caldeira, caldera, canberra, canterra, carreira, carrera, cartera, casera, cervera, chavira, chimera, correira, devera, elvera, emera, enterra, ferrera, ferriera, fichera, figueira, fodera, frontera, guerrera, guidera, herrera, hespera, higuera, imcera, indira, inserra, kopera, kucera, kuchera, kundera, kyocera, lepera, luera, macera, madeira, madera, magiera, mancera, mascara, matera, mattera, mezera, minera, moreira, morera, morjera, mosquera, najera, nocera, nogueira, noguera, o'hara, olvera, palmira, panciera, patera, pereira, perera, pereyra, perreira, portera, prospera, provera, ribera, rivera, rovira, sadira, sahara, saphira, scalera, semira, sequeira, severa, shapira, sierra, silveira, silvera, sutera, svizzera, taira, tavera, teixeira, tejera, tenera, texeira, tigera, valera, valtierra, vaquera, vespera, vieira, vieyra

4 Syllable Words

aguilera, asamera, bonasera, calcaterra, costeira, deherrera, escalera, guayabera, kyocera, labarbera, macnamara, mcnamara, nicotera, olivera, oseguera, primavera, privitera, riviera, salvatierra, talavera, vinciguerra, xaviera

5 Syllable Words

financiera, tabacalera

Definitions of era

n. A fixed point of time, usually an epoch, from which a series of years is reckoned.

n. A period of time reckoned from some particular date or epoch; a succession of years dating from some important event; as, the era of Alexander; the era of Christ, or the Christian era (see under Christian).

n. A period of time in which a new order of things prevails; a signal stage of history; an epoch.

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