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Words that Rhyme with err

1 Syllable Words

aer, air, ayre, baehr, baer, bahr, bair, bare, bear, behr, bir, birr, blair, blare, blur, bur, burr, caire, care, chair, cher, clair, claire, clare, cur, dare, darr, der, derr, dirr, dreher, duhr, durr, eure, eyre, fair, faire, fare, fehr, fer, ferre, feur, fir, flair, flare, fleur, fluhr, fraire, freyre, fur, furr, furrh, gair, gare, gehr, glare, guerre, gurr, hair, haire, hairr, hare, hehr, heir, her, herr, herre, hur, jerr, kahre, kehr, ker, kerr, khmer, klare, knerr, kreher, kuhr, lair, lare, lehr, luhr, mair, maire, mare, mehr, mer, murr, myrrh, nair, ne'er, nurre, pair, pare, pear, per, pere, phair, plair, prayer, pur, purr, rare, reher, sare, sayre, scare, schehr, scher, scherr, schnur, schnurr, schreur, schur, schurr, schwer, sehr, serr, share, sher, sherr, shir, shirr, shur, shurr, sir, skare, slur, snare, spare, spur, spurr, square, stair, stare, stehr, sterr, stir, stuhr, sur, swear, swor, tear, ter, terre, their, there, they're, thur, traer, ur, ware, we're, wear, wehr, were, werre, where, zehr

2 Syllable Words

abair, adair, adaire, addair, affair, airfare, alair, allaire, armchair, ashare, astaire, auclair, aware, bakeware, bancaire, bankshare, beaufrere, belair, belaire, beware, bezaire, boisclair, chauffeur, chesshir, childcare, coderre, cofer, comair, compare, conair, concur, confair, confer, convair, cookware, corriere, cosmair, credeur, cycare, daycare, declare, defer, defleur, delair, delftware, demur, despair, deter, dispair, dufur, elsewhere, ensnare, esquer, eyecare, eyewear, fanfare, finnair, flatware, footware, footwear, forebear, forswear, foursquare, francoeur, frontiere, geniere, giftware, gisclair, glassware, glenayre, grancare, groupware, hardware, healthcare, homecare, houseware, impair, incur, infer, inter, kenmare, knitwear, lafleur, landfair, larkspur, laware, leclaire, lefrere, lemaire, lincare, liqueur, longhair, longspur, macnair, markair, mayfair, mccur, mcgirr, mcnair, midair, mohair, moliere, monsieur, montclair, neckwear, netware, nightmare, noteware, nowhere, o'hare, occur, opere, payeur, pentair, pershare, pierre, praxair, prefer, prepare, proshare, ramseur, recur, refer, repair, santerre, shareware, shor, shorthair, sinclair, sleepwear, software, somewhere, sportswear, stoneware, st_clair, st_claire, swimwear, swissair, takecare, tenncare, threadbare, timeshare, transfer, trosclair, ultrair, unfair, voltaire, wardair, warfare, welfare, westair, wheelchair, whitehair, wickware, workfare

3 Syllable Words

alastair, alistair, almaguer, amateur, anywhere, appleshare, bellemare, billionaire, bundeswehr, canadair, compuware, connoisseur, debonair, delaware, dinnerware, disrepair, doctrinaire, dragonair, earthenware, ecolaire, egyptair, everywhere, farberware, icelandair, intercare, invacare, javier, jeanpierre, kitchenware, knowledgeware, larosiere, laterriere, legionnaire, maxicare, medicare, mercosur, microaire, microware, millionaire, mobiliare, modulaire, mothercare, munsingwear, nationair, novacare, omnicare, outerwear, questionnaire, redifer, reoccur, restaurateur, ryanair, saboteur, silverware, solitaire, st_pierre, tableware, thoroughfare, tupperware, unaware, underwear, usair, vaporware, zillionaire

4 Syllable Words

alternacare, americare, concessionaire, diversicare, entrepreneur, pacificare, restaurateur

5 Syllable Words

euromobiliare, extraordinaire, multimillionaire

Definitions of err

v. i. To wander; to roam; to stray.

v. i. To deviate from the true course; to miss the thing aimed at.

v. i. To miss intellectual truth; to fall into error; to mistake in judgment or opinion; to be mistaken.

v. i. To deviate morally from the right way; to go astray, in a figurative sense; to do wrong; to sin.

v. i. To offend, as by erring.

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