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Words that Rhyme with espouse

1 Syllable Words

aus, blouse, boughs, bouse, bows, brouse, brows, browse, chaus, chausse, chows, clouse, clowes, couse, cow's, cows, crouse, dhows, douse, dow's, dowse, fouse, gauss, grouse, haus, hause, hauss, houghs, house, houze, how's, howe's, howes, howse, howze, klaus, knouse, kraus, krauss, krauze, krouse, laos, louse, mao's, mouse, mows, now's, pao's, plows, prouse, prows, prowse, rao's, rouse, rousse, schaus, schmaus, shouse, smouse, spouse, sprouse, straus, strause, strauss, strouse, taos, thous, vows, wow's, wows, youse

2 Syllable Words

ackhouse, alehouse, allows, allshouse, althouse, arouse, backhaus, bandow's, barnhouse, boathouse, bolthouse, brickhouse, brockhaus, brockhouse, carouse, clubhouse, courthouse, dalhouse, doghouse, dollhouse, dormouse, driehaus, dykhouse, eyebrows, farmhouse, feldhaus, fieldhouse, greathouse, greenhouse, grothaus, guesthouse, henhouse, highbrows, hillhouse, holthaus, hothouse, inhouse, jailhouse, kamphaus, lighthouse, limehouse, lofthouse, longhouse, madhouse, milhous, milhouse, millhouse, moorehouse, moorhouse, morehouse, mulhouse, neuhaus, newhouse, niehaus, nienhaus, outhouse, penthouse, pevehouse, playhouse, poorhouse, roadhouse, roundhouse, safehouse, schoolhouse, snowplows, stackhouse, statehouse, steakhouse, steinhaus, steinkrauss, stenhouse, stonehouse, storehouse, townhouse, trusthouse, warehouse, wearhouse, whitehouse, whorehouse, woodhouse

3 Syllable Words

abbenhaus, boardinghouse, boultinghouse, charterhouse, clearinghouse, coffeehouse, culvahouse, culverhouse, festspielhaus, firehouse, fronterhouse, garlinghouse, glickenhaus, hemminghaus, laughinghouse, megahouse, menopause, milligauss, packinghouse, powerhouse, rittenhouse, rosenhaus, rottinghaus, ruckelshaus, slaughterhouse, systemhouse, waterhouse, westinghouse

Definitions of espouse

v. t. To betroth; to promise in marriage; to give as spouse.

v. t. To take as spouse; to take to wife; to marry.

v. t. To take to one's self with a view to maintain; to make one's own; to take up the cause of; to adopt; to embrace.

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