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Words that Rhyme with factor

2 Syllable Words

actor, akhtar, lacter, pachter, schachter, schlachter, tractor

3 Syllable Words

compactor, contractor, detractor, reactor, refractor

4 Syllable Words

benefactor, chiropractor, malefactor, subcontractor

Definitions of factor

n. One who transacts business for another; an agent; a substitute; especially, a mercantile agent who buys and sells goods and transacts business for others in commission; a commission merchant or consignee. He may be a home factor or a foreign factor. He may buy and sell in his own name, and he is intrusted with the possession and control of the goods; and in these respects he differs from a broker.

n. A steward or bailiff of an estate.

n. One of the elements or quantities which, when multiplied together, from a product.

n. One of the elements, circumstances, or influences which contribute to produce a result; a constituent.

v. t. To resolve (a quantity) into its factors.

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