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Words that Rhyme with farm

1 Syllable Words

arm, charm, harm, sharm

2 Syllable Words

alarm, disarm, ducharme, firearm, forearm, gendarme, genpharm, nonfarm, rearm, unarm

3 Syllable Words

firearm, novopharm, underarm

Definitions of farm

a. & n. The rent of land, -- originally paid by reservation of part of its products.

a. & n. The term or tenure of a lease of land for cultivation; a leasehold.

a. & n. The land held under lease and by payment of rent for the purpose of cultivation.

a. & n. Any tract of land devoted to agricultural purposes, under the management of a tenant or the owner.

a. & n. A district of country leased (or farmed) out for the collection of the revenues of government.

a. & n. A lease of the imposts on particular goods; as, the sugar farm, the silk farm.

v. t. To lease or let for an equivalent, as land for a rent; to yield the use of to proceeds.

v. t. To give up to another, as an estate, a business, the revenue, etc., on condition of receiving in return a percentage of what it yields; as, to farm the taxes.

v. t. To take at a certain rent or rate.

v. t. To devote (land) to agriculture; to cultivate, as land; to till, as a farm.

v. i. To engage in the business of tilling the soil; to labor as a farmer.

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