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Words that Rhyme with fetch

1 Syllable Words

betsch, etch, fetsch, ketch, kretsch, kvetch, letsch, meche, petsch, petsche, sketch, stretch, vetsch

2 Syllable Words

homestretch, kvetch, outstretch

Definitions of fetch

v. t. To bear toward the person speaking, or the person or thing from whose point of view the action is contemplated; to go and bring; to get.

v. t. To obtain as price or equivalent; to sell for.

v. t. To recall from a swoon; to revive; -- sometimes with to; as, to fetch a man to.

v. t. To reduce; to throw.

v. t. To bring to accomplishment; to achieve; to make; to perform, with certain objects; as, to fetch a compass; to fetch a leap; to fetch a sigh.

v. t. To bring or get within reach by going; to reach; to arrive at; to attain; to reach by sailing.

v. t. To cause to come; to bring to a particular state.

v. i. To bring one's self; to make headway; to veer; as, to fetch about; to fetch to windward.

n. A stratagem by which a thing is indirectly brought to pass, or by which one thing seems intended and another is done; a trick; an artifice.

n. The apparation of a living person; a wraith.

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