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Words that Rhyme with fiddle

2 Syllable Words

biddle, criddle, friddle, liddell, liddle, middle, piddle, riddell, riddle, rydell, schmidl, siddall, siddell, siddle, spidel, spidell, twiddle, widdle, widell

Definitions of fiddle

n. A stringed instrument of music played with a bow; a violin; a kit.

n. A kind of dock (Rumex pulcher) with fiddle-shaped leaves; -- called also fiddle dock.

n. A rack or frame of bars connected by strings, to keep table furniture in place on the cabin table in bad weather.

v. i. To play on a fiddle.

v. i. To keep the hands and fingers actively moving as a fiddler does; to move the hands and fingers restlessy or in busy idleness; to trifle.

v. t. To play (a tune) on a fiddle.

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