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Words that Rhyme with fitter

2 Syllable Words

bitar, bitter, critter, ditter, fritter, gitter, glitter, gritter, hitter, knitter, litter, quitter, ritter, schlitter, schmitter, sitar, sitter, titter, witter

3 Syllable Words

aglitter, embitter, outfitter, salzgitter, transmitter

4 Syllable Words

babysitter, counterfeiter, retrofitter

Definitions of fitter

n. One who fits or makes to fit;

n. One who tries on, and adjusts, articles of dress.

n. One who fits or adjusts the different parts of machinery to each other.

n. A coal broker who conducts the sales between the owner of a coal pit and the shipper.

n. A little piece; a flitter; a flinder.

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