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Words that Rhyme with flounce

1 Syllable Words

bounce, counce, crounse, mounce, ounce, pounce, trounce, younce

2 Syllable Words

announce, denounce, pronounce, renounce

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of flounce

v. i. To throw the limbs and body one way and the other; to spring, turn, or twist with sudden effort or violence; to struggle, as a horse in mire; to flounder; to throw one's self with a jerk or spasm, often as in displeasure.

n. The act of floucing; a sudden, jerking motion of the body.

n. An ornamental appendage to the skirt of a woman's dress, consisting of a strip gathered and sewed on by its upper edge around the skirt, and left hanging.

v. t. To deck with a flounce or flounces; as, to flounce a petticoat or a frock.

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