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Words that Rhyme with folks

1 Syllable Words

blokes, chokes, coax, coke's, cokes, folkes, folks', hoax, jokes, kokes, mokes, noakes, nokes, oak's, oakes, oaks, oaks', ochs, pokes, polk's, smokes, soaks, spokes, stokes, strokes, vokes, yokes, yolks

2 Syllable Words

evokes, invokes, keystrokes, ladbroke's, provokes

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of folks

n. collect. & pl. In Anglo-Saxon times, the people of a group of townships or villages; a community; a tribe.

n. collect. & pl. People in general, or a separate class of people; -- generally used in the plural form, and often with a qualifying adjective; as, the old folks; poor folks.

n. collect. & pl. The persons of one's own family; as, our folks are all well.

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