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Words that Rhyme with foot

1 Syllable Words

foote, put, soot

2 Syllable Words

afoot, barefoot, barfoot, bigfoot, blackfoot, coltsfoot, forefoot, goosefoot, input, lightfoot, output, proudfoot, throughput

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of foot

n. The terminal part of the leg of man or an animal; esp., the part below the ankle or wrist; that part of an animal upon which it rests when standing, or moves. See Manus, and Pes.

n. The muscular locomotive organ of a mollusk. It is a median organ arising from the ventral region of body, often in the form of a flat disk, as in snails. See Illust. of Buccinum.

n. That which corresponds to the foot of a man or animal; as, the foot of a table; the foot of a stocking.

n. The lowest part or base; the ground part; the bottom, as of a mountain or column; also, the last of a row or series; the end or extremity, esp. if associated with inferiority; as, the foot of a hill; the foot of the procession; the foot of a class; the foot of the bed.

n. Fundamental principle; basis; plan; -- used only in the singular.

n. Recognized condition; rank; footing; -- used only in the singular.

n. A measure of length equivalent to twelve inches; one third of a yard. See Yard.

n. Soldiers who march and fight on foot; the infantry, usually designated as the foot, in distinction from the cavalry.

n. A combination of syllables consisting a metrical element of a verse, the syllables being formerly distinguished by their quantity or length, but in modern poetry by the accent.

n. The lower edge of a sail.

v. i. To tread to measure or music; to dance; to trip; to skip.

v. i. To walk; -- opposed to ride or fly.

v. t. To kick with the foot; to spurn.

v. t. To set on foot; to establish; to land.

v. t. To tread; as, to foot the green.

v. t. To sum up, as the numbers in a column; -- sometimes with up; as, to foot (or foot up) an account.

v. t. The size or strike with the talon.

v. t. To renew the foot of, as of stocking.

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