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Words that Rhyme with gammon

2 Syllable Words

amann, amman, ammann, ammon, cammon, damman, dammann, dammen, famine, hamman, hammann, hammen, hammon, hamon, kamman, lammon, mammen, salman, salmon, sammon, scammon, stammen, tammen

3 Syllable Words

backgammon, mccammon, vercammen

4 Syllable Words

alabaman, reexamine

Definitions of gammon

n. The buttock or thigh of a hog, salted and smoked or dried; the lower end of a flitch.

v. t. To make bacon of; to salt and dry in smoke.

n. Backgammon.

n. An imposition or hoax; humbug.

v. t. To beat in the game of backgammon, before an antagonist has been able to get his "men" or counters home and withdraw any of them from the board; as, to gammon a person.

v. t. To impose on; to hoax; to cajole.

v. t. To fasten (a bowsprit) to the stem of a vessel by lashings of rope or chain, or by a band of iron.

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