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Words that Rhyme with gape

1 Syllable Words

ape, cape, crepe, drape, grape, knape, lape, pape, rape, scape, scrape, shape, slape, snape, swape, tape

2 Syllable Words

agape, escape, inchcape, landscape, netscape, reshape, shipshape

3 Syllable Words


4 Syllable Words

audiotape, videotape

Definitions of gape

v. i. To open the mouth wide

v. i. Expressing a desire for food; as, young birds gape.

v. i. Indicating sleepiness or indifference; to yawn.

v. i. To pen or part widely; to exhibit a gap, fissure, or hiatus.

v. i. To long, wait eagerly, or cry aloud for something; -- with for, after, or at.

n. The act of gaping; a yawn.

n. The width of the mouth when opened, as of birds, fishes, etc.

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