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Words that Rhyme with garnish

2 Syllable Words

barnish, harnisch, harnish, tarnish, varnish

Definitions of garnish

v. t. To decorate with ornamental appendages; to set off; to adorn; to embellish.

v. t. To ornament, as a dish, with something laid about it; as, a dish garnished with parsley.

v. t. To furnish; to supply.

v. t. To fit with fetters.

v. t. To warn by garnishment; to give notice to; to garnishee. See Garnishee, v. t.

n. Something added for embellishment; decoration; ornament; also, dress; garments, especially such as are showy or decorated.

n. Something set round or upon a dish as an embellishment. See Garnish, v. t., 2.

v. t. Fetters.

v. t. A fee; specifically, in English jails, formerly an unauthorized fee demanded by the old prisoners of a newcomer.

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