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Words that Rhyme with grapple

2 Syllable Words

appel, appell, apple, cappel, chapel, chappel, chappell, chapple, happel, kappel, mapel, schappell, shappell, snapple, stapel

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of grapple

v. t. To seize; to lay fast hold of; to attack at close quarters: as, to grapple an antagonist.

v. t. To fasten, as with a grapple; to fix; to join indissolubly.

v. i. To use a grapple; to contend in close fight; to attach one's self as if by a grapple, as in wrestling; to close; to seize one another.

v. t. A seizing or seizure; close hug in contest; the wrestler's hold.

v. t. An instrument, usually with hinged claws, for seizing and holding fast to an object; a grab.

v. t. A grappling iron.

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