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Words that Rhyme with handsome

2 Syllable Words

bransom, hansom, ransom, ransome, sansom, transom

Definitions of handsome

superl. Dexterous; skillful; handy; ready; convenient; -- applied to things as persons.

superl. Agreeable to the eye or to correct taste; having a pleasing appearance or expression; attractive; having symmetry and dignity; comely; -- expressing more than pretty, and less than beautiful; as, a handsome man or woman; a handsome garment, house, tree, horse.

superl. Suitable or fit in action; marked with propriety and ease; graceful; becoming; appropriate; as, a handsome style, etc.

superl. Evincing a becoming generosity or nobleness of character; liberal; generous.

superl. Ample; moderately large.

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