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Words that Rhyme with harbor

2 Syllable Words

arbor, arbour, barber, barbour, barbre, farber, garber, harber, harbour, karber, sarber, sharber, yarber

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of harbor

n. A station for rest and entertainment; a place of security and comfort; a refuge; a shelter.

n. Specif.: A lodging place; an inn.

n. The mansion of a heavenly body.

n. A portion of a sea, a lake, or other large body of water, either landlocked or artificially protected so as to be a place of safety for vessels in stormy weather; a port or haven.

n. A mixing box materials.

n. To afford lodging to; to enter as guest; to receive; to give a refuge to; indulge or cherish (a thought or feeling, esp. an ill thought).

v. i. To lodge, or abide for a time; to take shelter, as in a harbor.

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