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Words that Rhyme with hers

1 Syllable Words

blurs, burres, ers, firs, fors, furr's, furs, her's, herz, jurs, kurz, lurz, mers, merz, perz, purrs, scherz, schreurs, slurs, spurs, stirs, wirz, wurz

2 Syllable Words

chauffeur's, chauffeurs, concurs, confers, defers, demurs, deters, incurs, infers, linhares, liqueurs, longspurs, monsieurs, occurs, prefers, refers, strycharz, transfers

3 Syllable Words

amateurs, connoisseurs, restaurateurs, saboteurs

4 Syllable Words

arbitrageurs, entrepreneur's, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs

Definition of hers

pron. See the Note under Her, pron.

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