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Words that Rhyme with honorable

5 Syllable Words


Definitions of honorable

a. Worthy of honor; fit to be esteemed or regarded; estimable; illustrious.

a. High-minded; actuated by principles of honor, or a scrupulous regard to probity, rectitude, or reputation.

a. Proceeding from an upright and laudable cause, or directed to a just and proper end; not base; irreproachable; fair; as, an honorable motive.

a. Conferring honor, or produced by noble deeds.

a. Worthy of respect; regarded with esteem; to be commended; consistent with honor or rectitude.

a. Performed or accompanied with marks of honor, or with testimonies of esteem; an honorable burial.

a. Of reputable association or use; respectable.

a. An epithet of respect or distinction; as, the honorable Senate; the honorable gentleman.

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