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Words that Rhyme with hurl

1 Syllable Words

berle, birle, burl, curl, earl, earle, earll, erl, girl, hearl, herl, kerl, merl, merle, pearl, pearle, perl, perle, searl, searle, shirl, sperl, swirl, twirl, whirl, whorl, wurl

2 Syllable Words

cowgirl, showgirl, unfurl

Definitions of hurl

v. t. To send whirling or whizzing through the air; to throw with violence; to drive with great force; as, to hurl a stone or lance.

v. t. To emit or utter with vehemence or impetuosity; as, to hurl charges or invective.

v. t. To twist or turn.

v. i. To hurl one's self; to go quickly.

v. i. To perform the act of hurling something; to throw something (at another).

v. i. To play the game of hurling. See Hurling.

n. The act of hurling or throwing with violence; a cast; a fling.

n. Tumult; riot; hurly-burly.

n. A table on which fiber is stirred and mixed by beating with a bowspring.

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